$500,000 in Revenue on TikTok


The done-for-you templates that have helped female coaches make money on TikTok.


 “OMG have you seen her?!” kind of traffic.

Traffic that makes money.

And money that makes your business BIG(GER)!


But cracking the code on creating consistent traffic has you in tears, binging Netflix, and stressing out your team.

The solution isn’t:









The savvy entrepreneur’s secret to watching your revenue rebound, having more organic traffic than paid, and going viral with ease – is TikTok.

Cue the “I don’t wanna be dancing and pointing online!” and “TikTok is just for kids!” 

You won’t and it’s not.

TikTok has over 1 billion users


Your ideal clients are definitely on there. And since so few people know how to use TikTok to grow their business, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd, get more views, and attract new clients. Which means – more opt-ins, more engagement, more income, and zero cringey dancing.

And if you need one more reason to fall in love with TikTok, consider this: TikTok marketing is significantly more cost-effective than Facebook advertising. 

As in: FREE! 

Imagine lightning-fast growth, passionate engagement, and a spike in income – for free.

Yes, I Want The TikTok Marketing Bundle 

Prior to marketing my business on TikTok, I was struggling to reach more of my ideal customers organically on Facebook and Instagram. I invested YEARS of my time building my audience on each platform and when the algorithm changed and the push for ads only, my revenue drastically decreased. 

I was almost forced to shut the doors to my business because we weren’t bringing in the same amount of revenue as previous years. 

Then with the pandemic looming, I knew I needed a strategy. I started praying for strategies, because I literally pray about everything when

I heard God say TikTok.

I honestly thought I was going crazy because I hadn’t heard of ANYONE talking about using TikTok for business. 

But I thought to myself, what do I have to lose. 

I started marketing my business on TikTok and was failing miserably because I didn’t understand how to create short form content, or how to create actual TikTok videos. 

Plus, I was behaving like I was on Facebook Live vs learning the TikTok culture. 

But after 4 months of failed attempts, I had my first viral video. That was when I developed my own formula for TikTok For Business success and then we skyrocketed. From 100 followers to over 400,000 in a year and in just two years of learning TikTok, we have generated well over $500,000 from the platform

Learning from Keenya I was able to earn over $20,000 in 7 daysMercedes

Imagine your life when your funnels are producing more income that they have ever before…

You have so many more hours in the day because your team is able to work in their zone of genius and you are in yours. 

You’ve created enough content in one day to not only be distributed on all social platforms, but it’s enough for an ENTIRE MONTH.

Imagine this –


Here comes The TikTok Marketing Bundle 

When you sign up for The TikTok Marketing Bundle, you’ll get your hands on the guides and templates that have generated countless opt-ins and more than $500,000 in revenue:



5 Tips To The Perfect Profile

70 TikTok Video Ideas

53 TikTok Hooks

7 Ways To Repurpose TikTok Videos

Each one is designed specifically for female entrepreneurs and course creators to give you the powerful and straightforward templates you need to create viral content now – all without copying a single dance trend.

The TikTok Marketing Bundle

5 Tips To the perfect profile

If you want to stand out on TikTok, 5 Tips To The Perfect Profile is your first stop. These are the experts’ must-haves:

  • What photo to use so you don’t blend into the background
  • Crippling mistakes to avoid when choosing your username
  • The two things you *gotta* list in your bio 
  • What to include that will drive traffic exactly where you want it to go

70 TikTok Video Ideas

Once your profile is up, it’s time to create content. Good news – you don’t have to ask a teenager for help! Instead, you’ll get 70 TikTok Video Ideas – none of which make you look goofy – so you’re a polished pro from your very first shot. 70 TikTok Video Ideas includes:

  • Which everyday parts of your job make for must-see videos (hint: It’s not just the exciting ones!)
  • Turning your mistakes and struggles into content your viewers share
  • How to make your day easier, the customer experience smoother, AND go viral in one video
  • Getting an influencer to use their sway to blow up your account!
  • How to use comments to skyrocket engagement and views

53 TikTok Hooks

Girl, your video needs to GRAB THEIR ATTENTION! Should you introduce yourself? Tell them what the video is about? Thank them for watching? Only if you want to put them to sleep. Instead download 53 TikTok Hooks that glue their eyeballs to your video. This guide will hand you:

  • The secret of why you *don’t* have to introduce yourself each time (Hallelujah!)
  • Why you NEED to hook them in the first 1-3 seconds 
  • 53 tested ways to ensure they slow their scroll and soak up your genius

7 Ways To Repurpose TikTok Videos

Now that your videos are poppin’ and your followers are growing, it’s time to get smart about how you use (and reuse!) your content. 7 Ways To Repurpose TikTok Videos will show you how to double down on your momentum to attract even more followers with half the work. Yes, please! You’ll get insiders’ tips on:

  • Clever tools that clean up your video with a single click
  • How to leverage a viral video to earn even more views (as in ELEVEN MILLION VIEWS)
  • Turning your TikTok success into huge numbers and paying clients on Insta, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, your blog and LinkedIn.

“I wasn’t on TikTok at all before and now my TikToks have been seen on national TV and I have multiple 5 figure brand deals!” – KW Couples Therapy


  • 70 tiktok video ideas……..…..($297 Value)
  • 53 tiktok hooks…………………($197 Value)
  • 5 tips to the perfect profile……..($97 Value)
  • 7 ways to repurpose tiktoks….($197 Value) 


All For Just $27

Only The TikTok Marketing Bundle has everything entrepreneurs and course creators need in one place to take your business from blending into the background to front-and-center, must-follow. Imagine watching your account explode faster than your Facebook ads ever did – and all 100% organic!

From setting up your profile, to the content of your first viral video, to branching out on other platforms, The TikTok Marketing Bundle is ready to help you reach new clients, seriously boost engagement, and increase income on your TikTok account without resorting to pointing or embarrassing dance moves!

Even if you’re brand new to TikTok, even if you already have an account that’s on its last leg (or dead already), even if you’re convinced you’re not cool enough, The TikTok Marketing Bundle can show you how to create viral videos that attract new clients and light a fire under your organic growth.

“I had made $0 on TikTok but I’ve followed your advice and now have multiple 4 figures deals with major companies on TikTok and built my list over 30,000!” – Jenny Jaucian

That’s $27 to get:

  • More than 50 phrases to hook new viewers before they scroll away forever
  • The real-life examples of how to set up your profile so your business is solid from the ground up
  • 70 non-dancing ideas for content your dream clients will want to like, share, and comment on
  • 7 creative ways to reuse your content to expand your reach, increase your opt-ins, and send your income through the roof.

All that for $27!

Zero dance moves required.

The TikTok Marketing Bundle is for female entrepreneurs and course creators who want to use TikTok to attract raving fans and make more money in their business without jumping around, pointing, or feeling dorky (those don’t really work anyway). The TikTok Marketing Bundle contains proven strategies and templates to help you create click-worthy content, attract dream clients, and kick your business into rapid growth!

The TikTok Marketing Bundle hands you the fill-in templates to generate growth more effective than paid Facebook ads! Imagine expanding your business, creating on-going engagement, and adding zeros to your income – without paying for advertising!

If you’re ready to get off the traffic roller coaster and create an endless wave of organic growth without a single dance step, grab your TikTok Marketing Bundle now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get when I sign up?

You get instant access to four tools to help you create viral content and gigantic organic growth on TikTok:

  • 5 Tips To The Perfect Profile
  • 70 TikTok Video Ideas
  • 53 TikTok Hooks
  • 7 Ways To Repurpose TikTok Video

Together, this bundle has generated more than $500,000 in revenue. And it’s all yours. 

Why use TikTok? Can’t I just keep using Facebook ads?

Facebook is a huge (but crowded) market. It’s getting harder and harder to create effective ads. And by “harder and harder” I mean more expensive and more time consuming. There aren’t a lot of businesses that are effectively using TikTok. Which means there’s an ocean filled with your dream clients just waiting for you to create click-worthy content and ever-increasing growth – for free! No Facebook ads manager retainer, no ad spend – just you and your TikTok account watching your income skyrocket.

How long do I have access to the material?

They’re yours forever! So, no worries about rushing through it, use them at your own speed and revisit them for new ideas when your TikTok fame grows your business exponentially. 

Who is this for?

The TikTok Marketing Bundle was designed specifically for female entrepreneurs and course creators that want to use TikTok to generate massive organic growth without  dancing or pointing. If you own your business and want to create exponential growth, you need The TikTok Marketing Bundle

Is this a subscription?

No! No monthly fees or annual re-ups. Just a one-time payment and the secrets, tools, and templates are all yours. 

What if I’m not tech savvy?

You don’t need to be! The process for creating videos on TikTok is really similar to Instagram. And even if you’ve never made a video before, TikTok is very straightforward. 

What if I (really) can’t dance?

That’s OK! You don’t have to dance or jump around or do anything else that makes you feel like you’re a million years old. TikTok is truly for everyone – and especially for entrepreneurs that want massive organic (that’s non-paid!) growth! The TikTok Marketing Bundle has 70 ideas for videos you can shoot without a dance step in sight. Anytime you want to shoot a video, just check your list for instant (non-dancing) inspiration!

Can you walk me through the very basics of TikTok?

You know I can! If you want a TikTok primer to get you up and running, click here and I’ll be happy to show you the TikTok ropes!  

In 2 weeks, you could be hiring another Facebook ads “expert” and doing some retail therapy to destress. Or you could grab The TikTok Marketing Bundle now and watch your viral videos flood your inbox with dream clients begging to work with you. 

No Refunds or Exchanges On This Product

No Refunds or Exchanges On This Product



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